Curtains and Drapes Melbourne

Are you looking for that look for – Classic, Romantic, Timeless, Old Fashioned, Modern, or Contemporary feel? Look no further as we can fulfil your passion for your Curtains and Drapes in Melbourne with something that will accommodate your styles with our qualified consultants that come to your house to help provide you with colours and design. We have a showroom that has a large range of Fabric House’s to accommodate your needs for your Curtains and Drapes in Melbourne, as well as access to many more if desired.

We have a selection of trimmings for your Curtains and Drapes in Melbourne, such as Braids, Fringes, Beads and Elegant Tie Backs together with Standard and Double tracks, Decorative Rods with or without rings as well as Wood Poles and the New Innovative Evo tracking system to complete your finished look for your curtains, drapes and accessories.

If you are looking to insulate your home and cutting your home’s greenhouse emissions by reducing power, did you know that just a single degree fall in temperature in your home adds 10% to your heating bill? Curtains and Drapes in Melbourne can help you achieve heat loss savings of up to 40%. This also gives you darkness, which is ideal for shift workers, babies or theaters, turning day into night.

Other Accessories we offer/consult:

  • Swags n’ Tails
  • Austrians
  • All styles of Valances
  • Pelmets
  • Padded Tie Backs
  • Rope Style Tie Backs

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